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Coastal Scents Moisturizing Black Soap Review


This will be a quick and hopefully helpful review of coastal scents moisturizing liquid aloe vera black soap.

My one year old has eczema and a lot of food allergies so I have been on the hunt for products I can use for her. The original price is 12.95 but I picked this product up during Coastal Scents 50% off black friday sale. I have used this product on myself and my daughter and I have to say I really like it.

Prior to using this on my daughter I was using creams and oils prescribed buy her doctor. They were doing more harm than good. My daughter’s legs and arms were always red and had a swollen look to them. I stopped using those things and began to use the black soap at bath time and curel itch defense right after and her skin looks so much better. I finally found something that works!

I’ve used this product on myself as a bath wash and shampoo. If used on the face in its purest form it will dry out the skin so moisturizing is key! Also diluting it on a washcloth and water will minimize the drying effect.

When I shampoo my hair with this it doesn’t feel like it lathers like regular shampoo (I didn’t expect it to). It washed all the oils out of my hair, it felt squeaky clean after I rinsed the soap out. I find that the scent of the soap last when used in my hair but when used as a body wash the scent is gone once you finish showering which is good if you want to wear perfume or a scent lotion.


It helps soothe skin conditions.

Its an all natural product.

Multipurpose product.

A little product goes a long way.

Can be purchased in orignal or aloe vera.


Can only purchase online at coastalscents.com

This is my first blog and product review so please stay tuned there’s more to come! Coastal Scents currently has a 25% code that came with my ipsy subscription its 25off. Also I was not paid to do this review I purchased this with my own $!